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Stark    Akcent II            
Akcent II


At aerodynamic calculations of the model we focused at such characteristics as simplicity of piloting, sensitivity to thermals and good wind penetration. The decision of a similar problem are AG series airfoils of the wing. Airfoils were modified and optimized for the wing geometry. The model shows very good results even in forward SGs and demands minimum adjustments.


It is not difficult to guess that the model developing so great launch speed should have a design that combines such qualities as rigidity, reliability and stability to long operation. Simultaneously with it, the model should be light as much as possible for the best characteristics of soaring.

The wing of the model is made in negative moulds as all parts of the glider. The cores are CNC milled. Double fiber glass layer from each side of the wing is made specially to give to the wing exclusive rigidity. To such wing dents from a grass and the similar scratches appearing at operation of model are not terrible. The wing is made in the disser version for better torsion strength.
The model fuselage is made as one piece with usege of fiber glass fabric and high-modulus carbon. The fuselage is made with a high pressure that along with small weight gives them extreme rigidity and durability. The fuselage can be made 2,4 friendly.

The tail surfaces of the model has an optimal area. Tail surfaces are done by molding fiberglass skins over a CNC machined foam core.

Complete set
  1. Wing
  2. Fuselage
  3. Stabilizer
  4. Fin
  5. Wing and stabizer screws
  6. Horns
  7. Throw peg
  8. Pylon for stabilizer
  9. Servo frame
Available paint colors

Paint schemes:

Accessories for the model (such as servos, accumulators, and other) you can find in the page Accessories