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We are glad to welcome you on LDmodels site! Here you will find excellent models of gliders both for flights at competitions, and for flights as a hobby. Also you can find here all accessories necessary for assembling of our gliders.


We are answer every email within 24 hours. If you placed an order or emailed us and didn't get a reply, please, check you SPAM box or SPAM filter.
If there is still no any answer from us, please contact us through Facebook page

AURI assembling video guide by Jeremy Andre. Please note that servos are installed on alternative 3D printed frame. Hope it would be helpfull!

Warm summer days are soon to come.
Here is a short video with AURI in summer evening air.

One of top european pilots Pierre Meunier made a nice review of AURI. Hope it will be useful for some of you, who was wondering how it flies and how quality is. The glider, Pierre has, is light version with 36 g fiber on wing.