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Stark    Akcent II            

We are glad to welcome you on LDmodels site! Here you will find excellent models of gliders both for flights at competitions, and for flights as a hobby. Also you can find here all accessories necessary for assembling of our gliders.



We are 12 years old this year. 12 years gone since F3J glider Viola was produced. That 12 year were bright and interesting and we have some things to be proud of.

LD models was the first company in Russia, which started to produce fully moulded composite F3K gliders 10 years ago(2007). At the first European Championship F3K all members of Russian team flew our DLG Stark ! Many contests has gone for last 12 years: big and small, but all of them were very interesting !

And now we wanna say THANK YOU to all of our friends, to all of our customers! Because of you we are getting better! Our hobby and sport becomes brighter! You are the reason for us to grow up ! Thank you !!!

And because of this we'd like to offer you a birthday sale! Only 2 weeks from January 18 to February 1st. Here we go !

1. We have 12 Starks in stock with very-very low prices ! Stark full carbon ˆ300 (instead of ˆ500), Stark Dbox ˆ220 (instead of ˆ380).

2. We have some DLG boxes in stock and also for a very low price! You can order it for ˆ220 instead of ˆ300.

3. And the most interesting! Stark Pro price is ˆ400 (instead of 500). If you'll order 2 models then the price is ˆ350, and for 3( or more) models in one order you have to pay only ˆ300 for each one !!!

And that's the BEST offer we did ever ! Only until February 1st.